Dear friends! We are wishing you a happy celebration of Pesach! One of the most important Jewish holidays, which remainds us the story of the birth of the Jewish people, chosen by the Almighty! Our people were born at the watershed between slavery and freedom, at the foot of a fiery mountain, on the way from Egypt to Holy Land! We wish you a happiness, harmony and prosperity! (More)


Dear  friends!  We  wish  you  a  very  happy  and  joyful  Purim!  Delicious  food  and  drink,  masquerades,  joyous  feasts,  toasts  of  "lechaim",  songs  in  praise  of  the  Almighty  who  preserves  His  people  -  this  is  what  Purim  is  about. (More)

Save the date for the III International Conference “Holocaust museums and memorial places in post-communist countries – challenges and opportunities”

The III International Conference „Holocaust museums and memorial places in post-communist countries challenges and opportunities” will take place on September 8-10, 2014 in Riga. The conference will emphasize importance of the Holocaust remembrance. (More)

Making an exhibition „Forgotten soldiers - Jews in the Latvian Army 1918 – 1940”

In cooperation with the association „Shamir” and the Baltic International Tolerance Centre, Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum is working on an exhibition, which will be dedicated to Jewish soldiers in the Latvian army. We sincerely invite all those whose Jewish relatives served in the Latvian army and participated in the Latvian War of Independence, to send in photographs with these persons (with some information about the person in the photo). All the photographs sent in will be included in the exhibition “Forgotten soldiers - Jews in the Latvian army 1918 – 1940”. Please, submit the photos or their copies at the Riga Ghetto museum in person (Maskavas str. 14a) or send by e-mail: For further information: + 371-67791783. (More)

A Map and Guide of Memorial Sites of the Latvia’s War of Independence (1918-1920)

2014 is an important year in our nation\'s military political history - the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Latvian Army. We give thanks to the soldiers of the Latvian Army, who liberated our nation from enemies during the Latvia\' s War of Independence (1918-1920) and during the period of the emergence of our statehood. (More)

East of Auschwitz: Mapping of the Holocaust in East and Central Europe

Auschwitz is the main symbol of the Holocaust. Auschwitz - it was not just a concentration camp but a death factory. After World War Two, memoirs of survivors, mainly assimilated "Western Jews", slowly entered into public consciousness. However, Auschwitz as a symbol excludes the largest group of Holocaust victims - "Eastern Jews" of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and the Ukraine who were speaking mainly in Yiddish. In the communism countries witnesses and chroniclers were for a long time forbidden to present these victims as Jews. Therefore the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum organises an exhibition which explores with maps of the particular time period what happened to the Jews "East of Auschwitz". (More)

Square of Jewish symbols

Riga Ghetto museum started a new project "Square of Jewish symbols" — the Hebrew letters and other symbols. The author of sculptures is the famous Latvian sculptor Edgars Kvjatkovskis. Sculptures are made from the solid oak, each sculpture is approximately 1,2 m high. The project is planned to be completed by the summer of 2014. We welcome your donations. (More)

Memorial wall to 25 000 Western European Jews

Construction of the memorial wall to 25 000 Western European Jews, who were deported to Riga to death was completed in Riga Ghetto museum. Now names of more than 100 000 perished Jews are commemorated in the museum. (More)


Memorial plaques „1941. gada jūnijs - jūlijs: TIEM, KAS AIZGĀJA UN NEATGRIEZĀS” (in Eglish: „June - July, 1941: TO THOSE WHO NEVER CAME BACK”) were installed. The main aims of the association „Shamir” and the Riga Ghetto museum are: preservation and developement of Jewish ethnic identity in Latvia, research, promotion and presentation of Jewsih historical and cultural heritage, as well as promotion of tolerance, intercultural dialogue and integration and prevention of any discrimination. All of our activities are focused on development of tolerant and democratic values at European level. This project of memorial plaques is just one of many. (More)

Jewish calendar 5774–2013/2014

This year pictures Riga in watercolors by Jekaterina Belajeva serve as a basis for the calendar\'s design. The Jewish calendar of 5774 is published in Latvian, Russian and English. Jewish religious holidays and traditions, historical dates, memorial days, Israeli national holidays , and national holidays of Latvia are described in the calendar in great detail. You can buy this calendar in the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum (Maskavas Str. 14a). Price is 5 Euro or 6,50 USD. The pictures are exhibited in Riga Ghetto museum.  (More)

Photos of the museum

 Photos of the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum by the visitor Julia Reider in summer 2013.  (More)
Books by Rabbi Nathan Barkan

At the day of 10th death anniversary of Chief Rabbi of Riga and Latvia Rabbi Nathan Barkan we are publishing two books of him Just Look and remember un Selflessness. (More)
Jewish Riga in watercolours

 Our gift for The Independence Day of Latvia - exhibition "Jewish Riga" by Jekaterina Beljaeva, an artist and art-teacher, the founder of art-studio Perspektivart. The exhibition is open to public at the Riga Ghetto Museum, Maskavas 14a. Entrance is free. (More)
Memorial day of Jewish children was held

On October 22, 2013 for the forth time in Riga was held memorial day for the children who died during the Holocaust. This time the memorial event was held in the territory of Riga ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum. All day long 16 000 names of the Holocaust victimes were recitated here. (More)
Jewish New Year 5774

The Jewish New Year 5774 starts on September 4, 2013 at sunset. This is not the ordinary calendar date. We wait for Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) with the hope that all our troubles, sorrows and misfortunes will disappear as if they’d never existed. We hope that in New Year, nothing will darken or sadden our days. (More)
Closing of the „March for Life - 2013”

Memorial event "March for Life" was held in Riga on June 30, 2013 in memory of killed Jews - citizens of Latvia and Europe. This memorial event was held for the fourth time and was attended by over 150 participants. Start was on the Old Jewish cemetery. After that we walked through the Riga Ghetto area to the Great Choral synagogue memorial. (More)
March for Life 2013

Memorial event "March for Life" will take place in Riga on June 30, 2013 in memory of killed Jews - citizens of Latvia and Europe. Start on Old Jewish cemetery, Liksnas Str. 2/4 at 10:45. After that we will walk through the Riga Ghetto area to the Great Choral synagogue memorial. Let\'s save these memories together! (More)
“Teiglah, kreplah, aingemaht. Jewish cuisine recipes”

In June, 2013, association “Shamir” has published one of the most delicious books - “Teiglah, kreplah, aingemaht. Jewish cuisine recipes” in Latvian language. Traditions of Jewish cuisine, laws of kashrut and Jewish cuisine recipes are collected in this book. It will be useful for those who are interested in Jewish traditions and culture and for those who love to cook. This collection of culinary recipes includes all the complex of Jewish cuisine meals: holiday and everyday meals, cold and hot appetizers, soups and main dishes, pastries, desserts and drinks. The most important in this book is that all the recipes allow to cook these meals pursuant to laws of kashrut which are described in the last chapter of the book. We hope that this book will help many Jewish families in Latvia diversify their dishes, make it not only delicious and colorful, but also true in Hebrew. (More)
Closing of the conference

The Second International Conference "Holocaust Museums and Memorial Places in Post-communist Countries: Challenges and Opportunities" took place on May 27-28, 2013 in Riga, Latvian Academy of Sciences. Please see the conference materials: (More)
New book

This spring the Jewish association „Shamir” has published the book "Aizmirstie karavīri – ebreji Latvijas armijā 1918 - 1940” (Forgotten soldiers – Jews in Army of Latvia 1918 - 1940) written by asoc. prof. Eriks Jekabsons. Presentation of the book was held in May 29, 2013 in the University of  Latvia, Faculty of history and philosophy. Publishing of this book has been enabled by donation from the Sella family in commemoration of their father, Leib Slavjaciski, a soldier in the Latvian army. The Ministry of Defence of Latvia also supported this project. (More)
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