A personal appeal from Shamir CEO Rabbi Menachem Barkahan

Jewish Association “Shamir” Latvia passed through year 2011 successfully. About 5000 people visited Riga Ghetto museum. More than 2000 attended events of Jewish Culture Festival. Football game was dedicated to the memory of killed in the Holocaust. About 3000 pages of Encyclopedia “Jews of Latvia in World War II” are ready to be published. In July we had March for Life and in September we read names of killed Jewish children in the Riga park. We organize international conferences in Riga and Purim celebration in tiny Jewish community of Rezekne. We publish Jewish calendars and postmarks. We support Jewish exhibitions in small towns of Latvia and tell Latvian students about intellectual Resistance in Terezin camp. 


Shamir is something special. We work for memory, for culture and for education in the for-profit world. We operate with a very small staff and limited budgets. We trust in what we are doing. Our work is important to us, to Latvia, to the entire world. 


Our work is possible because of your donations. We are thankful to those of you who supported us in 2011. By this you’re not only saving the memory of Latvian Jewish community and leaving a legacy for your children, you are making “the Holocaust never again” true. This year, please, consider making a donation to protect and sustain Shamir.


With respect,

Rabbi Menachem Barkahan, CEO

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