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CD and concert of Jewish liturgical music by cantor of Riga Horal synagogue and male chorus “Balsis”


The project aims to restore and publish the forgotten melodies from the repertoire of cantors who performed and lived in Latvia before 1940. The activities within the project are recording with cantor and male choir, publication of the double CD with informational booklet and concerts for cantor and choir.
The concert will be hold in September 2009 in the Riga Opera House. The chorus and cantor are to be accompanied with ether the orchestra of the Opera House or National Symphonic Orchestra of Latvia. The most outstanding researchers of Jewish liturgical music from Latvia, Israel, and Russia are to participate in the creation of the program and orchestration of the melodies. the male chorus “Balsis” is a highly professional group of young musicians well-known as in Latvia, as abroad.
The goals of the project are: preservation and developing of the Jewish identity, culture and tradition, the revival of Jewish cantorial traditions in Riga, bringing modern cultural life of Latvian Jewry to a new level through mastering and developing of traditions established by world-known cantors and Jewish liturgical composers of Latvia.
The melodies that were sang in pre-war synagogues of Riga will be released for further distribution among Jewish communities; therefore Jewish cantorial traditions will be revived; the children choir of synagogue of Riga will include the melodies in the repertoire; the Jewish ethnical self-consciousness will be strengthened.
Besides that the interest to the Jewish culture and traditions among Jewish youth will be raised; the whole new direction of Jewish culture will strengthen the interest to the Jewish culture at all; spiritual influence of Jewish liturgical singing will contribute to diminishing of assimilation.
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