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Family stories of Latvian Jews

Continuing the project "Latvian Jewish Encyclopedia" we start publishing family stories of Latvian Jews, who left Latvia some time ago.


Letter about Dankere written by Norma Simon (Kravitz)


Kagan and Goldwasser families (photos and archive information) submitted by Jo Ann Goldwater


 The Svedlins Saga by Nathan Sverdlin (in Russian)





Tabakin and Kurzon/Kurzan family story and how Igor Sokolov started looking for realtives (rus)


Descendants of the brothers Simon and Morris Gollin, originally from Dvinsk


Brothers Otsup. From the book by Kyrill Finkestein "Императорская Николаевская Царскосельская гимназия. Ученики". СПб.: Серебряный век. 2009. 312 p


Shmuel Engelson and his family. History of the Riga Engelsons


The Guth from Bauska


The Hodes/Hoddes from Libava by Janet Kasdon Lobret


The story of Roza Krumer, Miss of Jaunjelgava



Yehoshua ( Hosias)  Lemky and his family, by Chaim Freedman (Israel)


Slavjaciski and Jochelman families by Menachem Sella.


Family story of the Sanders family from the middle of 19th century until now, ancient photos, and a piece of Courland Jews by Derrick Lewis, South Africa.


Family story of the Usdines from Vishki by Christine Usdine.


Story of Vishki shtetl by Christine Usdine.


Abraham and Olga Kahn (Kagan), story of love and selflessness


Gram and Pasvolsky family


Judelowitz family


The Musin-Kovnats


Passport of Chase-Dveira Magidson from Riga


The Matzdorf family from Libava


The Rummel's of Latvia


The Schoenfelds from Mitau


The Dimantsteins by Chaim Freedman


Dimanstein family tree by Chaim Freedman


Pruning the Super family tree


Super family tree by Chaim Freedman (Israel)


The story of the Super family by Chaim Freedman


The Dobrins by Chaim Freedman

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