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From ancient times on there exists a tradition of writing a new Torah scroll.


There are 305,000 letters or 79,847 words in the Torah. The Torah scrolls are being constantly rewritten from the times of Moses who had written down the first record of the Torah pronounced by the Almighty. All the Torah scrolls, both written three thousand years ago and nowadays, be it in Israel or Latvia, America or Bukhara, Georgia or India, are identical. A special man called ‘Sofer Stam’ writes it down, on special parchment, in special ink. A Torah scroll is written out during three years. A new Torah scroll costs from 30 to 50 thousand US$.


Almost all Latvian Jewry had been buried on Latvian soil. The Jews from Western Europe had been brought and murdered here. The Jews from Lithuania had been burned in the synagogues of Riga. About 2,000 Jews – fighters of the Latvian Division had perished in the battles against fascists during the Second World War. The quantity of the Jews of Latvia who had perished in Latvia is equal to the number of the words in the Torah. Every perished man has his own word in the Torah, and that means eternity.


The Jewish religious community “Shamir” took a decision to write out a special Torah scroll in commemoration of the memory of the fallen.



You can render assistance in writing the Torah scroll by covering the payment of one word and devoting it to one of the perished during the Holocaust.


Below you can find the list of the towns and people who had perished in each town.


A memorial candle will be lit next to every name, and the name of the person who had devoted a word in the Torah scroll will appear.


In the nearest time, the lists of the names will appear in the towns.


To by a word in a Torah!


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