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Yorzait - In Remembrance of the Deceased

Yorzeit is the date of death according to the Jewish calendar.

Yorzeit is counted from the date of one’s death by the Jewish calendar. On Jorzeit day it is accepted to light a remembrance candle, recite the Kaddish prayer in synagogues and come to see the grave of the deceased.

On YJorzeit day one thinks of commemorating the memory of one’s relatives by ….a considerably bigger/greater amount of good deeds – Mitzvot, Tzdaka,-  as that brings pacification to the soul of the deceased.

In case You wish to mark the Yorzeit date and arrange for our informing You of it, fill in the form given below and send it to the synagogue or e-mail:

Your Name and Surname
Address, phone, e-mail
The Name of the deceased
And the Name of his/her father
The date of his/her death

Using these data, we’ll count the day of one’s death by the Jewish calendar.

A special rabbi in Israel reads all the Yorzeit prayers of Your relative.

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