Culture /Week of Jewish music 5770

Photo exhibition “Looking into the Eyes of the World”

Unfortunately, there are few Jews still alive who was living in Latvia before the World War II and are living here now. So, not so much time left to express our respect and gratitude to them.

“Respect the old one” is said ...

Concert of Jewish liturgical music “5770”

Concert of Jewish liturgical music “5770”, devoted to the Jewish New 5770 year took place on September 10, 2009 in Latvian National Opera.

Participants: male's choir «Balsis» with program «Melodies of the Burned Synagogues» (art director Z. Shulman), choir «Hassidic Capella», conductor A. Tsalyuk, cantor of Riga Choral Synagogue Zeev Shulman, ...

Concert of Sephardic (Spain Jews) music

The concert took place on September 03, 2009 in Riga Jewish Community House

Judith Cohen is a Canadian singer and ethnomusicologist, with a doctorate in Sephardic music. She teaches at York University in Toronto. Besides Sephardic songs, Judith sings in Yiddish, ...

Performance for children "Gefilte lid"

Performance for children “Gefilte Lid" took place on September 13, 2009 in  Riga Jewish Community House

Duo «Oyfn Veg» (Moscow): Jevgenija Slavina and Igor Beliy. Interactive performance for children and adults - plays, songs, mysteries and folk tales. Old tailor and his donkey ...


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