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Opening of the memorial in Israel

This is to announce, that Jewish religious community „Shamir” is opening memorial groves in memory of all Jewish children, who perished in the Holocaust in Latvia and all Latvian Jews, who were killed there, in Martyrs Forests of Jerusalem in November, 2011. Latvian and Israeli politicians, businessmen, public figures and ...

Memorial groves in the Hills of Jerusalem

Religious community and association “Shamir” has purchased two groves in the Martyrs Forest in the Hills of Jerusalem in memory of all Latvian children who perished during the World War II in Latvia and all the Jews who perished in Latvia in the Holocaust. 

It was an ...

Each child has a name


The idea of the project “Each child has a name” is to create a database of children perished in Holocaust in Latvia.  
About 18 000 Jewish children and about 2 000 Gipsy children were exterminated during the Holocaust in Latvia. More than ...

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