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Seminar presentation \"Modeling of good solutions for different systems\"

On February 28, 2013 at 17:30 in Association "Shamir" (Riga, Stabu St. 63) a seminar presentation "Modeling of good solutions for different systems" (based on ideas and researches of Bert Hellinger) will be held by Dr. Psych. Lyuba Kogan - coach of system-phenomenological access. You are welcome to join us. Places are limited. Please register by project@shamir.lv or by phone +371-67270827, +371-67791784. Seminar is for free, seminar language - Russian.


Seminar presentation: "Modeling of good solutions for different systems" (based on ideas and researches of Bert Hellinger)


Coach: Lyuba Kogan - certified expert in organizational and family constellation instructions, practicing psychologist, candidate of psychology sciences, member of Professional psychotherapy league, teacher in Consulting and system-solution institute (Moscow).


The world we live in is made of systems - bigger or smaller. System access looks at a human, who constantly is in interaction with world, other people and systems he belongs to. Human cannot exist only by himself, and less or more hi is related with things happening around. Human's membership in different systems, their qualities and interactions with each other effects his emotions, thoughts, behavior, emotional and psychosomatic health.


Programme of the seminar:

-) Approach of system-phenomenological access. Phenomenological perception.

-) Law and order - basics of viability and development of systems.

-) Preconditions of finding "Good" solutions.

-) Memory of ancestors. The Holocaust.


Using exercises and observations participants of the seminar will receive experience in system-phenomenological access, view in pole systems and interactions of their elements. It will be interesting and even will help to use these knowledge and methods in your own work.


Association “Shamir” together with “Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum” and “Baltic International Tolerance Center” within events of “The Fifth International Jewish Culture Festival 5774” and “The Second International Conference: Holocaust museums and memorial places in post-communist countries” will arrange several thematic seminars. Please follow the information on www.shamir.lv.


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